Jesus intensely loved the sinners, but he intensely hated their sins!

Let My Praises Be Heard!


Who did Jesus love? Jesus loved everyone, including the great sinners (even the hypocritical Jewish leaders whose fury against Jesus finally resulted in Jesus’ crucifixion). Even from the cross, Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do!”. While it is true that Jesus loved all persons universally (without exception), there were persons whose attitudes and whose lifestyle Jesus despised (those who perverted the Gospel message through legalism and ritualism and hollow religious ceremonies)!

Jesus did not ‘like’ certain religious leaders -leaders with whom Jesus (in no way) could ‘form warm friendships’! At times, Jesus confronted these vicious ‘enemies’ (those who were plotting His destruction), but there were other times when Jesus intentionally avoided all contact with these ‘enemies against the truth’!

Jesus loved these ‘wretched’ (religious) sinners and He sought to bring them to the ‘light of truth’, but, there was no ‘affinity’ (no common ground for friendship). While Jesus loved His enemies, He certainly did not ‘like’ them (their lifestyle and their goals and their motives and their value system).

While He (God’s Lover sent from heaven) showed nothing but love to all (including His enemies), Jesus, on the other hand, hated their horrible sins (religious sins of mere ceremony and legalism and ritualism), and there was nothing in the lives that drew the heart of Jesus to them.

These religious bigots (religious leaders) were not ‘attractive’ to Jesus. Contrast Jesus’ dislike of these kinds of persons, to the great (human) attraction that Jesus had for Mary, Martha, and Lazarus (siblings whom Jesus considered to be among His very closest ‘friends’). Even Jesus, while He loved the entire human race, had a ‘circle of persons’ with whom He spent quality time and for whom He had a great affection, and with whom He had a great ‘affinity’.

Jesus loved everyone without exception (including the hypocritical Jewish leaders who plotted His death), but there was only a handful of persons whom Jesus considered to be His closest friends! While it is true that Jesus loved the entire world (including even those who were plotting Jesus’ death), it is also true that there were a few persons (like Mary, Martha, and Lazarus) with whom Jesus loved to be in their ‘comfortable company’! The Bible says that there was a handful of ‘women’ for whom Jesus expressed gratitude, because of their hospitality in supplying some of Jesus’ basic material needs!

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Did Jesus who loved everyone, also ‘like’ everyone whom he knew?

Let My Praises Be Heard!


There are only certain persons to whom I am emotionally and socially attracted. Jesus loved everyone, but there were only certain persons (when He traveled earth’s landscape) to whom Jesus was attracted! To a much greater extent than is true of me (or that is true of even the greatest ‘saints’ on earth including Paul who, for a few years, did not see the potential in ‘young Mark’), I say, that more than any other person, Jesus saw ‘possibilities’ and ‘potential’ in human lives- especially in human lives that were ‘wrecked’ by sin’s ravages.

Think of the ‘rough band’ of Jesus’ disciples! Wonderfully, Jesus wants, not only to ‘save’ sinners (all sinners), but Jesus wants to make ‘saints’ out of persons who are, because of the ravages of sin, ‘wretches’. Jesus wants to be the friend of ‘sinners’, and He wants to enjoy the ‘company’ of converted sinners- and Jesus calls these transformed persons His ‘friends’.

If Jesus desires to convert His ‘enemies’ and then to turn His enemies into His friends, should I not be willing to develop a ‘friendship’ with my former ‘enemies’ (even though I have no personal ‘attraction’ to my ‘now-reconciled’ enemy?)

Even if I have a residue of ‘distrust’ of my former ‘enemy’ (because of his former life of deception and plotting against me), God can restore a spirit of trust in me! But, in noting the amazing trust that Jesus placed in His former ‘enemies’ (and as much as I admire this quality in the Son of God), I do not believe that I am commanded to ‘like’ everyone, even though (assuredly and definitely) I am commanded to love every single person on the face of the earth!

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Why is the human race so indebted to Jesus Christ?

Let My Laughter Resound!


Don’t you think that Jesus, while He sympathetically looks down upon the world of hurting persons, is also looking down upon the world, with His head bent backward, and with His mouth wide open, as He is laughing and laughing!

Why is Jesus laughing in the heavens? Because Jesus knows that the devil has been defeated! Because Jesus knows that the entire world has been ‘redeemed’ from all of its sins and it is now possible for every person to appropriate Christ’s gift of redemption for himself!

Why can Jesus laugh? Because Jesus knows that the final outcome for human existence has been established. That is, the final justice of God that will be vindicated, and the unlimited mercy of God that will be demonstrated.

Jesus knows that, in the end of time, the ‘books will be balanced'(i.e., justice will be properly rendered and mercy will be properly manifested). Why wouldn’t this blessed Savior, along with the Father and the Spirit, be now ‘standing on tiptoe with joy’?

Why wouldn’t this Creator/Savior be ‘laughing’ and ‘laughing’ and ‘laughing’, when He knows that the ‘mystery of God’ (hidden for ages) is now no longer a ‘mystery’! The ‘mystery’ was wrapped up in a person – the person of Jesus Christ – who came to earth to ‘openly die’ for the ransom of all mankind! All human beings now have access into the ‘holy presence’ of God – to make their wants and their wishes known unto an open-armed and a welcoming God.

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Why should the ‘finished work of Christ’ make you ‘laugh’?

Let My Laughter Resound!


Is it any wonder that Jesus, more than anyone else, is ‘constitutionally happy’ – the happiest person in the Universe? Mankind’s chief enemy, Satan, has been defeated, and mankind (through Christ’s finished work on the cross and through the empty tomb) is now ‘set free’ to enjoy fellowship with the Creator/Savior of mankind!

These ‘facts’ are enough to make Jesus’ ‘laugh’ and ‘laugh’! It is enough to make the Son of God, hold His head back, and open His mouth wide, and laugh and laugh – in fact, to laugh so loud that all the angels of heaven can hear His resounding laughter of victory.

The victory of Christ has been won! All creatures in the Universe are now subject to the rule and the reign of Christ. All of Christ’s enemies are subject to Him, and none of Christ’s enemies can again touch Him, to hurt Him or to destroy Him. Christ’s enemies are all defeated, and they will someday be destroyed! Who are those that are easily labeled as Christ’s ‘enemies’? Sin, death, despair, the demons, the devil, the suffering souls in hell who finally and who foolishly rejected His call of love!

Because God broke the ‘seals’ around the tomb, Jesus arose from the dead in all of His ‘glory’. “He is risen! He is risen indeed!” The grave could not hold its ‘prey’. Jesus arose and now and forever He is victorious!

Jesus is victorious over ‘death’! Jesus is victorious over ‘despair’! Jesus is victorious over the ‘devil’ and the host of demons! Jesus is victorious over ‘hell’! ls it any wonder that Jesus is ‘constitutionally happy’? That Jesus is the happiest person in the Universe?

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Do you think Jesus laughed after his resurrection?

Let My Laughter Resound!


Using the phrase (of E. Stanley Jones) ‘constitutionally happy’, I believe that Jesus experienced joy and happiness and even ‘laughter’ at the ‘highest level’ of ecstasy! Because Jesus ‘finished His earthly task’, ‘completed His mission’, ‘fulfilled His purpose’, as a result of dying for the sins of all the world, and as a result of His resurrection, Jesus was the ‘happiest person in the entire Universe’.

Jesus, who was fully human as well as fully divine, said, while He suffered His agonizing death, ‘It Is Finished’. The purpose for which I, Jesus, came to earth has been accomplished. I, the Son of God, have done everything that is necessary (to fulfill the requirements of my Heavenly Father) to purchase the salvation for the entire human race (and for each person therein).

I, the Son of God, have perfectly kept the Laws of God; I have fulfilled all the demands of the Law – all because of my own perfect righteousness. No longer does Satan have a ‘claim’ on any human life, for I have redeemed (purchased) every person’s life with my own precious blood. Because of my ultimate sacrifice (my sacrifice of substitution for every person), no sinner need experience the just ‘anger’ of God! Rather, because of what I accomplished on the cross and through the empty tomb, every sinner can experience total forgiveness of all sin, and every repentant sinner can now enjoy the assurance of eternal life.

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

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Did Jesus laugh with ‘laughing children’?

Let My Laughter Resound!


Apparently Jesus loved to play with little children, and some of them likely sat on his lap, He observed the play of little children so much that He used some of the antics (actions) of the children’s playing, to illustrate profound truths regarding the kingdom of God (in some of His parables)!

Jesus once said that if a person does not have the simplicity and humility and faith of a little child, that person cannot enter the kingdom of God. Jesus loved children very much, and He liked the way children expressed their simple faith and their unquestioning trust in others. Jesus believed that important lessons – lessons with eternal significance – could be learned, by a careful observation of little children (during their play times).

Do you think that Jesus could spend time with children, talking to them and perhaps even playing with them, and allowing them to sit on his lap, without, at times, laughing with them? I personally think that the portrait of Jesus (with His head bent back and with his mouth wide open in a ‘hearty laughter’), I say, I think that this portrait accurately conveys the kind of person that Jesus was, while He ministered here on earth.

Of course, a portrait of Jesus with tears streaming down his cheeks (while he weeps over Jerusalem) is an equally accurate picture of Jesus. Jesus, like all disciples of Jesus, both wept and laughed. But, why is the portrait of Jesus (which I cherish in my office) so rare?

I suppose, because of the seriousness of Jesus’ life, and because of the gravity of the mission that Jesus had here on earth, it is difficult for us (conscientious believers) to entertain the ‘thought’ (belief) that Jesus, at times, was the ‘laughing Son of God’!

Can God (in the person of Jesus) actually laugh a lot at a wedding party? Can God (in the person of Jesus) actually take time (out of His busy schedule) to laugh and to laugh with a group of little laughing children who are gathered around Him?

Can God (in the person of Jesus) actually and intentionally use ‘humor’ in the messages that He preached along the shore of the Sea of Galilee? (“You strain at gnats, while you swallow camels!” – how could any listener of Jesus keep a ‘straight face’ when he heard that statement, for the first time?).

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Do you think that Jesus often laughed?

Let My Laughter Resound!


I have a long-time friend who gave me a most interesting (unique) portrait of Jesus. In the picture, Jesus has His head bent backwards, and Jesus has His mouth wide open, in a posture of hilarious laughter! I have never seen a picture of the Son of God, in which He is portrayed as the One who is ‘laughing at life’!

Some persons (overly-religious folks) would think that this portrayal of Jesus as the ‘laughing Son of God’ was far too casual, perhaps even irreverent, but I do not think the portrait manifests any irreverence. Maybe ‘casual’, but not ‘irreverent’!

Jesus was, at times, very casual and very down-to-earth, and yet, He was also very serious about life and about people and, especially, about His own Heavenly Father. Jesus knew, more than any other person, the extremes of life’s experiences and of life’s emotions.

Jesus knew how to laugh, and, on the other hand, Jesus knew how to groan deeply in His ‘spirit’ as He beheld the sorrow of Mary and Martha who were heart-broken because of the death of their brother Lazarus!

The undertone of Jesus’ entire life was ‘joy’ (for Jesus knew He was fulfilling the will of His Heavenly Father, and He knew He was fulfilling the purpose for which He came to earth), but with that sense of joyous well-being (because He was ‘in step with His Father’s purpose’), Jesus, when it was appropriate, manifested great sorrow because of the grief of human beings. The Bible records that, at times, ‘Jesus wept’!

From the example of Jesus, we (believers) must never laugh when we should be crying, and we should not always be crying, for sometimes it is appropriate (and health-giving) to ‘laugh and to laugh’! Jesus, at times, laughed, and at other times, He wept! The follower of Jesus experiences both, at the proper times! Laughing and crying – both and wholeheartedly!

Most portraits of Jesus (as great as they are) usually convey the emotion of soberness and even of sorrow, Certainly, Jesus was sober about the serious (moral) issues of life, and certainly (as mentioned above) Jesus did experience great sorrow and grief (climaxed by the unspeakably great grief and sorrow that He experienced on the ‘old rugged cross’).

But, while not denying or minimizing the ‘side of sorrow’ in Jesus’ life, we should also not minimize the ‘side of joy and laughter’ in Jesus’ life! It is true that Jesus was a ‘man of sorrows’, who was acquainted with grief, but it is equally true that Jesus was a ‘man who was in love with life and with nature and with God’s purposes’!

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