A message from Ron Christian about his new website!

Dear Friends and Fellow Servants of the Lord:

During my long term pastorate of over 25 years, and since my retirement, I enjoy the mind-stretching, yet satisfying challenge of doing considerable writing of devotional theological, Bible exposition, moral issues (such as humanism, abortion, and etc.). It has been my desire to share my books, free of charge to everyone.

There are many books presently available free on my website CLMBooks.org. I encourage you to ‘download’ as many of them as you would like. Soon I plan to have additional books on the site totaling 80 books and booklets that will be available to everyone!

Enclosed is a little information regarding my current project, “Relevant Christian Cards”. The cards consist of 17 categories, subjects, and topics. There are 45 sets, with 6 cards per set; with 270 cards

The “Relevant” Christian Cards may be sent, or used, in a variety of ways, for creating an ‘outreach’ to relatives, friends, and associates. The Christian Cards cover a large variety of subjects and are appropriate for several of our annual holidays or events. For instance, there are 30 Christmas Cards available, carefully covering the many aspects of the most holy (and favorite) holiday.

In addition, there are cards that specialize on Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day (a Christian holiday), Prayer, Grief (sympathy cards), and Preparation for Death, Heaven and many more that affect our lives. The “Relevant Christian Cards” are priced at a cost of $18.00 per set of 6 cards, plus a free bonus card.

The ‘Big Question’ on the front cover of each card (270 different questions) is most ‘RELEVANT’ – and each card seeks to answer; rather briefly, the ‘Big Question’ on each card. You will find an exciting, restful format, and design. These cards are different and unique from any other cards that you have ever seen of have sent. Each card gives the reader a ‘solid’ content! The Christian Cards are Informational, Inspirational, Motivational, and Transformational.

The web site is ‘RELEVANTCHRISTIANCARDS.org’. Consider ordering a set of cards, for you to share with your friends or relatives. Encourage their participation.

You or your Church group might need to make extra money. This is an opportunity to plan a fund raising project. Permission is given to sell these cards, for the profit that you determine! This is in addition to you own personal order of cards. I believe that these cards will be ‘Relevant’ to you, to your friends and organization.

Feel free to contact me by phone, or letter.

Servant of the Lord.

Ron G. Christian
Relevant Christian Cards
2724 Garrett Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80526 970-988-2222


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