Hilarious mistake in the ‘dark of night’!

Let My Laughter Resound!


The sun had long ago ‘gone down’, and there was no ‘full moon’ to reflect some light on the street. I was in another city, in an unfamiliar place in this large city. I was a ‘stranger’, and I felt like a ‘stranger’ on that particular night!

I had never been on this particular street before, I was there on a ‘small mission’ – to get my teenage daughter to her hotel, where she would spend the night, just before she would meet several other teens, all of whom would travel together to their destination to another city.

In that other city, there would be gathered together hundreds of teenagers, from across the nation, to enjoy a great ‘youth convention’. The over-all mission was good – spiritual and social growth among hundreds of teenagers, and my ‘small mission’ – getting my daughter to her Denver hotel – was worthy of my time and my efforts and my driving in a ‘not-familiar’ location in a large city.

On that long-ago night, I remember sensing my confusion as to my specific location. As I drove on a better known street, I decided to take a ‘side street’ which I thought would bring me closer to my daughter’s hotel. As I mentioned earlier, the night was dark, with not even a glimmer of light from a heart-warming moon!

After I turned on to the rather broad side street, in my mind I figured that I needed to make a turn off of this broad street – that is, I felt strongly, because this street was only one long block, I needed to get into the right hand turn lane in order to turn back west (where I thought the hotel was located).

I was very intent in making that right hand turn. Even though it was dark, and, therefore, it was hard to distinguish many details regarding the nature of the ‘right hand turn lane’, I was thankful that the ‘right hand turn lane’ was ‘wide and smooth’ and easy to ‘navigate’.

Strangely enough, I noticed when I turned my steering wheel of my car to the right, to get onto the ‘right hand turn lane’, that there was a rather ‘rough jolt’! At this time, I thought that it was a rather strange phenomenon! Why would there be a ‘jolt’ – a raised place – that divided the regular side road and the right hand turn lane? At all times before when I approached a right hand turn lane, I never remember experiencing a ‘jolt’! What is going on?

It was not long until I found out – from my wife who was sitting beside me, and from my two teenage daughters and from their teenage friend – I was not driving on a right hand turn lane! Instead, I was driving on a long, wide sidewalk!

There was a deadening silence – a type of fright by everyone in my car! After they all informed me regarding my ‘crazy’ action – my ‘stupid mistake’ – my hands on the steering wheel seemed to ‘freeze’! This broad sidewalk had the appearance to me of a driving lane – it had the appearance of a broad right hand turn lane!

I couldn’t believe what was happening! Not only was the sidewalk very broad, but the length of the sidewalk seemed never to come to an end! When, I thought, will I ever get off this sidewalk? For some reason, it seemed that my car was ‘attached’ (fixed) on that sidewalk.

When I once got on that long sidewalk, I someway (strangely) felt that I had to continue to drive on that long sidewalk until I came to the end of the street and to the end of the sidewalk.

In the darkness of the night, with a carload of people startled until they became speechless, I was embarrassed that I could ‘pull such a stunt’ – that I could do something so ‘stupid’ in front of my wife and in front of three teenagers! During the darkness of that night it seemed that the sidewalk was a mile long! I wondered when I would ever get to the end of the sidewalk, in order that I might make a ‘proper right hand turn’ on to a ‘regular street’.

Fortunately, I and everyone in my car on that dark night had a ‘good sense of humor’. After I got out of my predicament – after I finally got off of that long and broad sidewalk – we all ‘laughed’ and ‘laughed’. And, on a more ‘serious note’, we all breathed a ‘sigh of relief’ that no one was walking on that sidewalk, in the darkness of that night!

God’s protecting angels might have been ‘on guard’ – to ‘guard’ over a man who was rather ‘crazy’ that night, to ‘guide’ a man whose perception on a dark night was far from perfect!

Lesson to be learned from that ‘strange night’, so long ago: “lf you don’t like my driving, stay off the sidewalk!” (Ha! Ha!)

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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