Is it time for you and your marriage partner to start laughing?

Let My Laughter Resound!


We must always see the ‘funny side of life’, in general society, but particularly in our marriage. I have done some things right, but Venita has done a whole lot of things right – as evidenced by the fact that we still live together and we still love each other truly, even though we have been together many thousands of days (in fact, almost a half century)!

Why cry, when we should be laughing together? We have borne the burden of the day – we have worked hard, we have shed many tears because of our heart-breaking trials, we have experienced many losses in relationships and in ministries that were once dear to us, because we are advancing in age we now have added limitations, we sometimes experience a sense of loneliness because some of our friends and our loved ones are dead, we ourselves are quickly approaching the end of our physical life – yes, these are realities which could make us weep and weep!

Even though (scripturally-speaking) there is a time for weeping, there is also (scripturally-speaking) a time for wiping away our tears, a time for looking anew to the God of all hope and healing and joy and restoration!

There is a time for rejoicing and for praising and even for ‘laughing’! The Bible says that, after the weeping of the night, there is ‘joy in the morning’! Remember: the couple who prays together, stays together! ls it going too far to say that the couple who regularly laughs together, stays together? If God laughs (and I think He does), why shouldn’t a marriage couple laugh together?

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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