Wholesome laughter and unwholesome laughter!

Let My Laughter Resound!


I believe that it is true to say that ‘forgiveness is the oil in the machinery of any good relationship’, and this stated assertion regarding ‘forgiveness’ is certainly true of the relationship of marriage. Also, I believe that it is true to say that a ‘good sense of humor’ (laughter) is like the flavoring of salt in a plate of delicious food. The food (as well prepared as it might be) requires the light sprinkling of salt on it, if it is to be ‘tasty’ and ‘appetizing’ and ‘appealing’.

Of course, my wife and I have regularly had our serious talks (where laughter usually is not appropriate), but we have also found that ‘laughing’ and ‘joking’ and ‘teasing’ give ’emotional release’, and oftentimes help us to gain some perspective regarding the small and the big issues of our life. Of course, we dare not minimize serious issues, or ignore those issues that require our serious attention, and simply ‘cover those serious issues’ by merely ‘laughing’.

Laughing must never be a ‘cover-up’, an attempt to ignore the things which must be faced and which must be confronted in relationships. That is a wrong use of ‘laughter’, and is an unhealthy practice in any marriage relationship. As the book of Ecclesiastes teaches, there is a time for all good things.

There is a time to talk with your spouse seriously (with no humor), and there is a time, on the other hand, for laughter (without the intrusion of serious talk). There is wholesome laughter, and there is laughter that is not wholesome! And we need always to know the difference.

There are some persons who are too light-hearted and too giddy, and these persons have not yet learned to face life with a proper perspective, with true maturity. They need to be more serious-minded, with no intrusion of laughter and giddiness.

On the other hand, however, there are other persons, unfortunately, who are too serious-minded, persons who are very colorless and very humorless, persons who don’t wish to laugh at the most obviously ‘funny things’ of daily life! Obviously, these persons certainly have no desire to ‘dig’ into the deeper layers of humor and laughter that are present in most events!

It is wholesome laughter that we all should desire to experience. Food without salt is tasteless and unappealing and possibly even repulsive. Life, like food, is tasteless and unappealing without the proper amount of the ‘salt of humor’ for the ‘food of life’!

Jesus laughed (at the right times and with the right degree), so why should we not ‘laugh’? Wholesome laughter is a sign that one is rejoicing because his relationships with life, though not perfect, are authentic and they are real.

‘Constitutional happiness’ comes because you are in right relationship with everyone – with your own self, with your own God, with your own fellow men.

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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