Solid wedding ceremony amidst tangled circumstances!

Let My Laughter Resound!


I have done a lot of “laughing’ in my lifetime – laughter about a thousand different events and happenings! Laughter because of some strange and odd things that persons have done or have said! I have shared some of my laughter with my wife, but one thing she and I have never laughed about – the sacred vows that we took in that little country church, on August 12, 1966! I have had a few ‘laughs’ regarding the strange and the odd happenings, surrounding the actual wedding ceremony, but we have never had any ‘laughs’ regarding the most serious words of our marriage vow!

There were so many ‘layers of laughter’ (hidden layers) during that historic day – the day when the country side received five inches of rain! But, amidst the confusing details and circumstances of that important event, Venita and I recall, with greater memory, the heart-felt (God-directed) vows that we exchanged during that brief wedding service. God used a retired missionary (Venita’s godly uncle) to lead us through the words of that ceremony.

Frank Adamson, long-time missionary to Central Africa, was our easy choice to perform the wedding ceremony! What a wonderful (kind and tender-hearted) man he was. He jokingly said that this was the first ‘double white ceremony’ that he had performed.

All the Africans, of course, had ‘black skin’, and he had never performed a wedding ceremony for a ‘white skinned’ person, while he worked in Africa. Venita, of course, was ‘white skinned’, and, in addition, Venita’s maiden name was ‘White’! So, in a ‘double sense’, the ceremony was a ‘double white’ ceremony (totally unique ceremony, in that unimportant sense of the term)!

Just one more unusual (strange) element (feature) to add to the other strange or unexpected features that transpired during my wedding event! Odd and strange things that happen, sometimes (with the passing of time) turn out to be rather humorous or even laughable happenings!

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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