Flavoring your marriage with the ‘salt’ of joyful laughter!

Let My Laughter Resound!


Venita’s ‘dry humor’ and her ‘jesting’ and her ‘teasing’ – during the decades I have lived with her have built up our marriage and our special communication. Of course, the teasing goes both ways.

She delivers the ‘teasing’ tastefully and delightfully, but what she gives to me, she gracefully (with ‘fun’) takes from me. There have been several elements in our marriage which have spelled success, but I think Venita’s ‘dry sense of humor’ – her daily delivered dose of wit and jesting and teasing – has been like ‘salt’ which has seasoned the ‘food of our marriage’ very well!

Venita and I seek to take God ‘very seriously’, but both of us try not to take ourselves ‘too seriously’. We both have learned to laugh at ourselves, and we have allowed (with no scorn whatever) for the other partner to laugh at the occasional ‘ridiculous thing’ that each of us does.

We can’t take ourselves too seriously, for we both know that life is full of foibles and mistakes and missteps and oddities! It is easy, in the marriage relationship, to ‘trip over your own feet’ – or to ‘trip over the feet of your partner’.

After all, I live with her and she lives with me in ‘close quarters’ (and we are with each other in every ‘imaginable circumstance’)! We better ‘keep laughing’ when we realize that we have committed an innocent misstep.

We must be tolerant when we observe each other’s foibles and oddities and sometimes even ‘strange’ behavior. We, after all, are very different in tastes and hobbies and talents and personality and background.

My actions and my preferences and my projects may, at times, seem ‘crazy’ to my wife, and vice versa. For instance, my wife likes ‘soft lights’ throughout our house, and I enjoy ‘bright lights’ (a subject for debate, at times). She likes soft (classical) music playing in the background most of the time, and I enjoy quietness most of the time in our house (again, a subject for occasional debate).

We, as husband and wife, must learn (continue to learn) to ‘give and take’. Even though I prefer quietness in our house, I often ‘give in’ to her and I allow her to play classical (or religious) music. I have the bright lights turned on in our kitchen, and, humorously, she soon comes into the kitchen and quickly turns down the lights (or turns them off altogether).

I am sure that we will never be in agreement on the subject of ‘lights’ and ‘music’, but, as a decent husband, I should be the one who ‘gives in’ most of the time to my wife!

We usually have a few laughs regarding these two areas of conflict. She tells me (in jest) that she does not understand why I like bright lights (which, she says, drains all the energy out of her), and she tells me that she does not like ‘silence’, that she has to have beautiful, calming, background music playing in our house.

She gives me a ‘hard time’ about my lack of ‘sensitivity’ to music and to ‘proper lighting’, but we continue to tease each other about our ‘obvious differences’ – and we sometimes even get a ‘good laugh’ as we ‘debate in good humor’. As I earlier stated, l, as husband, almost always ‘give in’ to my wife’s preferences, but when I am home alone, I enjoy my bright lights and I enjoy my quiet house!

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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