Discovering the ‘hidden layers’ of humor and laughter!

Let My Laughter Resound!


Amidst all the sorrows and losses and grief that Venita and I have experienced (in our personal relationship, and in other contexts like the local church), we have experienced a lot of joy and pleasure and happiness and, yes, laughter! All because of our faith in Jesus. Most of the episodes that are shared in this book on ‘Laughter’, are episodes that, at the time, were certainly not ‘funny’ or ‘laughable’.

In most of the episodes (in which I was involved), there were a variety of emotions felt and expressed, and they were not, at the time of the happening, emotions that were rejoicing in the elements of the event.

Usually, I felt embarrassment or I felt humiliation or I felt physical discomfort (or even pain), or I felt frustration (as was true of my wedding event). Sometimes I felt confused and disorganized and astonished (all reactions that I sensed as a result of the strange and odd things that happened before and after my wedding ceremony).

The concept of ‘implicit laughter’, has been mentioned several times, previously. Almost all the ‘comic’ events that are shared in this book on ‘Laughter’, were not ‘comic’ at the time that the elements (details) were unfolding in the various described events!

At the time of the various events, I saw no humor in the specific elements (details) in the unfolding event. Instead of humor in the unfolding of the event, I saw an unraveling of something that was supposed to ‘come off without any missteps or blunders or human error’. What happened, for instance, at my wedding event, shows that if something can go wrong, oftentimes it will go wrong (‘Murphy’s Law’).

When I experienced some of the episodes (recorded in this book), I learned that I am very fallible (as if I didn’t know that before the particular event!), and, of course, I learned that all my fellow humans are also fallible.

Lest I get too confident in my life, I was reminded that, wedding or no wedding, the Almighty Controller of the Weather, was intent in sending 5 inches of rain to a Nebraska ranch on August 12, 1966! We humans are not able always to order our own actions (for we are capable of human error), and we certainly have no control over the weather (that is in the hands of our Creator)!

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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