Why should you ‘stand on tiptoe with joy’?

Let My Laughter Resound!


Without belittling or humiliating others who were involved in the dynamics of the relationships of your past event (business transaction), now you can ‘stand back’ and you can objectively reflect upon your past event! With careful reflection, you can now see ‘below the surface’ of that past painful business situation (event)! You are totally amazed that now you can see the diamonds and the jewels of goodwill and pleasure and good intention, that you could not see or know when you were deeply involved in that ‘event’ of the past!

What once brought you pain (breakdown in human relationships) has been replaced by a spirit of kindness and forgiveness and pleasantness towards all your past associates! Forgiveness has been granted to all your past associates, and all your own misunderstandings with others have been resolved. Closed arms have now become open arms.

Now when you look at the entire event (of the past), you see everything differently. Love now prevails in your heart (as a believer). You wish nothing but the ‘best’ for everyone involved in the past difficult transactions.

The result of your conciliatory spirit are: joy, love, peace, reconciliation, and of all things, laughter! Yes, exuberant and uninhibited laughter! Laughter – a ‘holy laughter’ – a ‘divinely imparted laughter’. Laughter that comes from the inner fountain of joy in your life! Laughter because you know that your sins are forgiven! Laughter because you know (by God’s grace) that your name is written in the ‘Book of Life’. Laughter because heaven will someday be your eternal and happy home!

Laughter because you do not hold any grudges or any resentment toward your enemies, but, instead, you experience the divinely – imparted love that enables you to ‘bless those who curse you, and to pray for those who despitefully use you’. Laughter, because you are learning to ‘see the best in people’, rather than to ‘see the worst in people’. Laughter is always borne out of the heart and out of the lips of persons who are positive rather than negative in their viewpoint of life!

Constitutionally happy because ‘you are living in harmony with the laws of the universe’, rather than living against the ‘grain of the universe’. Laughter because you are ‘standing on tiptoe with joy’, as you anticipate God’s ‘coming kingdom’ to this world. Laughter because all the followers of Christ (including you) will be members of Christ’s mighty army which shall eventually renders the total destruction of all evil in the universe.

Laughter because you will participate in the triumph of Christ in the hearts of men; issuing forth in widespread transformation of human souls. Laughter because you will forever (in time and in eternity) experience constant growth in the development of your godly character, gradually to become more and more like the character of the blessed Christ!

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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