Offering the gift of ‘laughter’ to your friends and to your family!

Let My Laughter Resound!


It is a gift to persons when you allow them to ‘laugh at you’ (in a wholesome manner, of course). Forget your ‘over-sensitivities’, and then think of something about yourself (or about events that you have been involved in), that have some genuine elements of humor or of outright laughter. Be God’s instrument to bring laughter and joy and pleasantness to others who desperately need to see the ‘lighter side of life’ for at least a little while!

Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself! Develop confidence in yourself (based on your identity in Christ) to the degree that you can allow others to laugh regarding your own ‘oddities’ or your own past ‘blunders’ (like my experience of using a long shearer to cut a long dowel stick).

To add to the humor, as I tell this story, I must be willing openly to expose my own ‘ignorance’ of carpentry, and my own ‘stupidity’ in using a shearer to cut dowel sticks! As is true of most events, there are several elements of humor, inherent in this event.

Openness, transparency, humility, and willingness to laugh at your own blunders – ingredients that are necessary, if you are to give the gift of laughter to another human being. If you are a natural ‘comedian’, you have a very special gift to give to the world. Very few of us are natural comedians, but, nevertheless, we all have some experience of humor that we can share – an experience that brought some delight, pleasure, fun, and laughter.

In the midst of our ‘torn up world’, one of the most cherished gifts that we can offer is wholesome laughter. God is very pleased when we do so! God knows a lot about laughter, and God also knows a lot about weeping! Weeping and laughing are two experiences, unique to God’s special creation, but, unfortunately, our world is very deplete of laughter. Has God called you to be an ‘apostle of laughter’?

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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