Learning to live a ‘self-forgetful’ life!

Let My Laughter Resound!


When I am walking closest to my dear Lord, I am then able to ‘forget about myself’, and I am able to reach out in love to others! When I know that my God thinks ‘well’ of me (that he loves me unconditionally, even with my many ‘warts’ and ‘faults), then I am able to accept my ‘baldness’ (and many other less-than-perfect features). Because I love myself in a wholesome (God-honoring) manner, I am able to ‘forget about myself’ and, instead, I am able to think of others.

As a ‘self-forgetful person’, I will spend little time thinking about myself, and I will not allow myself to become introspective (thinking a lot about my faults and failures and blemishes and oddities like baldness, etc.). Rather than spending a lot of time thinking about myself, I will concentrate my mind (and activities) on worshiping my Lord, and on serving my fellow men.

However, even though I am to love God supremely, and even though I am (rightly) to practically love my fellow men, there is a time and there is a place to love myself (not in a selfish manner, but in a nurturing manner). Not only do I legitimately think about myself, in terms of my using the ‘means of grace’, but in terms of allowing God to evoke laughter within myself. I may be the only one who sees the ‘funny side’ of a particular daily event or in a particular person that I meet, but that is alright with God.

God wants me to enjoy laughter (if it can be with others, that is the best, but, if the laughter is enjoyed in the privacy of my own soul, that, too, is good). Also, I must have my ‘identity’ pinned down (in God) so well, that I can enjoy ‘laughing at myself’!

Because my identity is solidly grounded in Christ, I can gladly allow others (friends and family) to ‘laugh about my particular oddities or about my particular unique features’!

I will gladly allow my friends to laugh with me about my own ‘strange features’ or ‘unique activities’ (like my bald head). Many times, through the past years, I have encouraged my friends to laugh with me, as I have had ‘fun with my bald head’. Many times I have cracked a joke about my own bald head, like ‘It is not everyone who is coming out on top in life!’

Without drawing undue attention to myself, I have learned to allow myself to be the ‘brunt of the joke’ in social settings. When my friends have ‘fun’ referring to my bald head, I am glad, and I find it easy to laugh. I am not sensitive to a person’s comments regarding my bald head!

People love to laugh, and people are greatly in need of a good laugh. So, with this in mind, I will make a joke about myself, and then invite my friends to ‘laugh at me’ (not in scorn or derision, but in loving laughter).

Only the truly confident person can point to something about himself that is ‘laughable’ (like my bald head), and then ‘laugh at himself’ and invite his friends to laugh at the ‘oddities’ or ‘flaws’ or ‘blunders’ that he finds in himself. Laughing at yourself and laughing with your friends – what a gift to any social setting!

Don’t draw undue attention to yourself (even through laughter), but when it is appropriate (God-led), make yourself vulnerable enough to tell something about yourself (your weakness, etc.) that is humorous or ‘laughable’, and then open the door for everyone to laugh and to laugh and to laugh.

Everyone who laughs will immediately feel better, and those persons who leave the social setting will go home with a ‘gift from God’ – a gift delivered by you. You were, on that particular day, God’s messenger of a ‘choice gift’ – a ‘gift from heaven’!

Another illustration in which I have invited my family to laugh, because of a certain ‘flaw’ in my physical appearance: lt seems like it has taken ‘forever’ for me to get my ‘final teeth’, based on my numerous ‘implants’. As of this date, I still am waiting for my final dental product (teeth). The temporary (front) teeth (for specific reasons, determined by the dentist) are shorter than the final teeth that eventually I will receive. As a result of these shorter (front) teeth, my mouth tends to be somewhat ‘sunk’ inwardly. Somewhat like the appearance of a cave!

Perhaps you can ‘guess’ how I appear in photographs! Not good and not normal. I never was ‘photogenic’ throughout my entire adult life (my two daughters are very photogenic). Well, I know that a lot of persons are not terribly pleased with the photograph they receive, at the driver’s license center. When I got my driver’s license (and the picture thereon), I about ‘fell over’! Men who are 90 years old are more handsome than I am! Because of my dental challenge, my mouth looked distorted. I could hardly stand to look at this picture. But, I decided, nevertheless, to have a lot of ‘fun’ with my picture.

I jokingly said that not even highway patrolmen would want to look at that picture on my license. A patrolman would probably be shocked, and maybe he would think that I was lying about my age. Are you sure that you are not 90 years old? I told my daughters (who were with me and my wife, a couple days before Halloween) that I did not need a costume for Halloween. If I showed this picture to the children at my door, the children would probably ‘back off’ and would leave my house! I would save a lot of the candy!

Before my daughters (in their 40’s) left my house a couple days ago, they and their mother and I were laughing and laughing (almost splitting our sides!). As they left, the four of us mentioned how therapeutic laughter is! We all agreed that we need to laugh more!

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

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