Living the life of ‘receptivity’ to the God of joy!

Let My Laughter Resound!


Never forget that God gave us a world in which there are ‘laughable’ experiences. God wants us to see the ‘comic’ side of life, the ‘laughable’ features that are inherent in many of life’s events, in many of life’s relationships, in many of the movements and the facial features of the animals. But, it is only the simple-minded persons, the persons of ‘faith’, the persons of humility, the persons of gratitude who have the capacity to receive God’s gift of good ‘humor’, the gift of outright ‘laughter’!

There are some persons who are so proud, and so intent in ‘making it to the top’ (academically or materially), that they don’t have sufficient time to stand back (in a spirit of humility and gratitude) and to gaze at God’s amazing creation (of mankind and of the animals) and to give praise to their Creator. The person who is most given to praise of God, is the same person who is least self conscious and who is most in love with humanity.

Such a person is most ‘in tune’ with the deeper meaning of life’s events. When a person is most in communion with his Creator, he is most ‘in tune’ with the ‘deeper levels’ of God’s creation. Of course, one’s capacity to be sensitive to the deeper levels of meaning in God’s creation – this capacity is subject to growth and to maturity.

The person who truly loves God is the person who gradually finds that he has a greater love for all of God’s creation, and he also discovers that he has a greater sensitivity to the mysteries of creation and to the marvels and mysteries of the human species! Concerning the latter ‘marvel’, the one who is growing in his relationship with his Creator, is the same one who is growing in his appreciation of the human race generally, and he is the one who is increasingly fascinated with the uniqueness of each person that he meets or observes.

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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