Learning to discover ‘laughable’ elements in life’s events!

Let My Laughter Resound!


An experience that has ‘in’ it implicit laughter, is an experience that has in it ingredients that can bring a smile to the lips and even laughter from the mouth! It did not take me very long to see that ‘Bloody Sunday’ had in it some elements that could bring a certain lightness to my heart and a certain laughter to my emotions – a laughter because of the awkwardness of the elements in the over-all event.

The use of the wrong tool (how ‘stupid’ for a minister to use a larger shearer on a long, small dowel stick; the clumsiness of a driver who side swiped a neighbor’s car, the openness of a neighbor to minimize the problem and to show concern that I be rushed to the hospital, the fact that the nurse – the head nurse of the hospital – would learn of my presence in the hospital and would use a term, in jest, that was quite vivid – ‘Bloody Sunday’!) To me, these are some of the ‘strange elements’ within the ‘total experience’ which cause me to smile, and, better yet, to laugh!

Some of the events in which I have been involved (like the previous experiences described thus far in this chapter of this book on Laughter), were experiences that, ‘on the surface’ were not experiences that could be labeled as humorous or laughable experiences.

It is only with the advantage of some ‘distance’ from the experience that some specific ‘elements’ within a particular event seem presently rather ‘funny’ and even ‘laughable’. It is when the over-all (objective) view of the experience is examined that something about the event seems ‘humorous’.

I have had several experiences (events) which, at the time I went through the different ‘aspects’ (elements) of the event, I was not ‘happy’, and the last response I desired to give was ‘laughter’.

At the time that I was experiencing certain aspects of a certain event – an event that brought embarrassment or that brought physical discomfort (pain) – I never would have imagined that the time would come in my life (perhaps years later) when I would find a different ‘angle’ (perspective) in my life, an ‘angle’ that would allow me to stand back and to actually ‘laugh’ (at the context of the event and at the ‘odd’ and ‘strange’ aspects of the long-ago event).

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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