How great is your capacity for hearty laughter?

Let My Laughter Resound!


We should weep with those who weep but we should also ‘rejoice with those who rejoice’! Not laugh AT people, but laugh WITH people! Find companions in your life who, with you, have the capacity to laugh and laugh and laugh! Good for the ’emotional system’, and you will even be able to think more clearly after you enjoy ‘belly laughter!’

When there is a growth in sensitivity to both God’s creation in the animal world, and to the uniqueness of God’s human creation, one dimension of that sensitivity (to nature and to humanity) is the dimension of ‘humor’ and ‘laughter’. Of course, sensitivity to nature and to one’s fellow humans always includes profound respect for God’s creation (of the works of nature and of the creation of fellow humans).

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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