Have you yet discovered the ‘hidden layers’ of humor in life’s events?

Let My Laughter Resound!


Never would a believer intentionally ‘make light’ (outright scorn) in his attitude towards the works of God’s creation (nature or mankind). But, while always maintaining an attitude of true respect for all things and for all persons, God intends for His followers to enjoy the obvious elements of ‘laughter’ in life and in nature (i,e,, God intends for me, without scorn, to laugh at the characters in ‘l Love Lucy’, and God intends for me to stand back, while I visit a zoo, and to laugh at the facial features of some of the animals that God has created – such as the face of an ape).

These are examples, of course, of ‘explicit laughter’. Further, as I grow in maturity and as I maintain a spirit of humility and gratitude (with no resentment or bitterness or pride), I am gradually able to discover the ‘hidden elements of humor and laughter’ in the events that I experience (or, more likely, that I have experienced in my past life).

There are elements of humor (even of laughter) that I can discover sometime after a particular event. At the time I experienced a certain event, I certainly did not experience humor or laughter. Only after I changed my ‘angle’, later in my life, did I discover ‘hidden elements of humor and laughter’ in a particular event.

At the time of the event – an event that, at the time, had the elements of either physical discomfort or of embarrassment – I did not see anything about the event (with its various ‘elements’) as ‘funny’ or as ‘humorous’ or as ‘laughable’! With the passage of time, however, I found that there were, indeed, some humorous elements and even some very laughable moments, hidden in the event.

l, obviously, at the time of the event, took myself far ‘too seriously’, and I certainly did not see any humor in the event! Slowly, throughout the passing years of my life, I have had to learn not to take myself so ‘seriously’! Now I can discern the ‘hidden layers of humor’ that were inherent in the event!

Most events have the potential of revealing (exposing) elements (details) that have the capability of giving the ‘gift of laughter’! It is good to reap ‘laughter’ from the obviously ‘funny’ events (television programs and comedians) of your everyday life, but the ‘implicit laughter’ which requires greater awareness and sensitivity and effort, also can be discovered in many events (which, on the surface, do not appear to have any elements of humor or laughter).

Most of the events that I now consider to be ‘laughable’ (‘funny’), were not events which, at the time, I considered at all ‘funny’ or ‘humorous’.

After the passing of those events (and as I have gained further objectivity), I have been able to stand back and to see the ‘funny’ elements in the over-all event that I experienced. Of course, because some of the events (that I share in this book) were, at the time rather painful and embarrassing, I could choose (in the spirit of pride and privacy) never to share these experiences with anyone, and (at worst) I could have become rather bitter in spirit, because of pain or embarrassment that the event delivered to me.

Of course, the spirit of pride and the spirit of bitterness are both great ‘enemies’ to the spirit of ‘good – will’ and the spirit of ‘lightness of spirit’ and the spirit of uninhibited laughter! Of course, we (as humans and, specifically, as believers) likely will be involved in events that render many tears, and that will probably not have any elements (details) in the crushing event that has any ability to offer the ‘gift of laughter’.

It is probable that most events that we are called to experience (some of which may have some pain or embarrassment involved), are events that have within them, some hidden deposits of joy and happiness and delight and even laughter!

After we have had some ‘distance’ and ‘time’ from an event that brought embarrassment or physical discomfort (like a hospital experience), we need to ask the Lord to help us to put forth the effort (with an objective mind) to discover the elements of ‘laughter’ in that event.

Most experiences (events) have hidden in them some diamonds and some jewels of laughter. There are ‘layers of laughter’ in most events – events which, when looked at from one ‘angle’, appear to be ‘joyless’ and ‘dull’ and ‘purposeless’, but, when mined (by examination and prayer) contains delightful layers of deposits of joy and goodwill and pleasure and even laughter.

The layers of pleasure and laughter are not located ‘on the surface’ of most events (happenings). You will find them, however, if you search for them, if you pray for discernment, if you allow your mind to have a broader perspective of life.

When you discover the hidden and the strange (odd) and the laughable elements in an event (from your past), you will be surprised and you will be delighted with your discovery! You now see that long-ago event from a different perspective – a perspective with greater objectivity and with greater sensitivity and with greater spiritual maturity!

You now feel a sense of good humor, and now you even feel a sense of light heartedness. As you contemplate the event of your past life (an event that, at the time, seemed lacking of any pleasurable elements), you now wonder why you took yourself ‘so seriously’ back then!

You are now viewing your entire life (as a believer) from a different ‘angle’ than the way you viewed your life in the past. Of course, whatever sad elements were actually present in that past event, you dare not minimize (dismiss or ignore), but now you have a better perspective of the event of your past, and you are now (amazingly) able to see some ‘layers of humor and pleasantness’ in that long-ago event!

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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