Do you enjoy the unique features of your fellow humans?

Let My Laughter Resound!


Such a God-lover increasingly becomes a lover of each person who is in the ‘circle of his own influence’. The ‘closer’ a person draws to fellow human beings, the greater does his love and his respect for his fellow human beings become. With respect, a believer accepts both the virtues and the flaws in the persons who surround him. With humor (and sometimes even with laughter), he observes the unique features in the lives of his friends (or relatives).

Far from ‘making fun’ of these friends and relatives, he, nevertheless, observes (with humor) the ‘laughable’ features of his friends and relatives. One laughs privately (perhaps out loud) when he thinks of the ‘laughable’ features of another person (certain body language, certain verbal pronunciations, certain habits that are ‘funny’, certain body build or body frame, certain ideas, certain kinds of cars, certain interior decorating ‘tastes’, certain exotic trips that involve ‘rich foods’, certain ‘far out ideas’ regarding future plans, certain ‘health diets’ that are extreme, certain doctrinal ideas that are radical in nature, etc, etc.). There are probably hundreds of ‘strange’ ideas and ‘strange’ clothes and ‘strange’ hobbies and ‘strange’ foods that raise your eye brows and that make you smile or even make you laugh (in private).

Your laughter, of course, must never be at the ‘expense’ of other persons. You have no desire to criticize or to belittle your friends or your relatives (whose outlook and practices are very different than your own)! However, the contrast between you and those friends and those relatives is so ‘great’ that you can do nothing other than laugh (usually in private, for you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings because of your laughter).

In response to the great contrasts between yourself and others (friends and relatives), you have a ‘right’ and you have an ’emotional necessity’ to ‘get alone’ and to ‘laugh’ and ‘laugh’ and ‘laugh’. While it is important to recognize that life (in general) is filled with sadness and tragedies and injustices and outright evil (and, therefore, we believers should ‘weep with those who weep’), it is also important to recognize that God has designed a world which contains events that obviously and spontaneously evoke laughter.

Besides the ‘explicit laughter’, there is the ‘not so obvious’ laughter that must be ‘mined’ in order to discover it. We are talking about the ‘implicit laughter’ (the laughter that is hidden in the ‘deeper layers’ of some events that we personally experience). It is in these deeper, and more subtle levels of life that we can uncover ‘rich deposits of laughter’ and ‘good humor’. But, it takes time and effort and careful observation to discover those deeper levels of laughter.

As stated earlier, we must be willing to change the ‘angle’ of our perspective, if we intend to discover ‘implicit laughter’!

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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