‘Explicit’ laughter and ‘implicit’ laughter!

Let My Laughter Resound!


Again, the following is a simple illustration of turning the ‘angle’ away from sadness (shock or embarrassment) involved in the initial event, and finding an ‘angle’ that allows you (and your friends) to see the ‘funny side’ in the details of the original event. Of course, some events are openly ‘filled with humor’ (laughter), and in that case, of course, you don’t have to ‘turn the angle’ at all to receive (legitimate and wholesome) humor from your past (or present) emotion-filled event.

Some events in which you find yourself involved are obviously and clearly humorous (laughable) events, and you can quickly thank God for the gift of humor (laughter) inherent in these events. You don’t have to extract some humor from these events, for humor is explicitly manifest in these special and delightful events!

In many other events (as I have illustrated above), the humor probably will be, not obvious, but, instead, be hidden. In these emotion-laden events, the humor is more subtle. Therefore, the humor in these kinds of events must be ‘mined’ (discovered and cherished).

There is ‘explicit humor’ (obvious humor that is easy to observe and to experience). The humor in some things is immediately in view, and the things that are openly and obviously humorous in those situations, causes you to laugh spontaneously. In fact, you can’t help but laugh and laugh.

It would not be ‘natural’ to keep a ‘straight face’ (a gloomy countenance) in those obviously humorous situations. You might even find yourself experiencing a real ‘belly laughter’, because of what someone says or because of how someone acts. The Andy Griffith Show, and I Love Lucy Show cause viewers to quickly laugh, when viewers observe the ‘funny characters’ (what they say and what they do).

There is little that is subtle about the humor that is displayed by the characters in these long-time popular shows! You naturally and quickly ‘break out into a hearty laughter’. Laughter is a gift from God (that is, wholesome laughter – not laughter at someone’s expense), and during these special times, God desires for you to ‘split your sides’ with laughter.

Our ‘Laughing God’ has made us, like Himself, with the capacity to laugh! As mentioned above, there are other events that, when they happen, are not laughable. God wants us to enjoy the ‘explicit laughter’, but God also wants us to learn to discover the treasures of ‘implicit laughter’. This is a more ‘rare type’ of laughter – a laughter that has to be discovered, a laughter that is not obviously and openly experienced.

God wants us to do some ‘mining’ – that is, God wants us to see humor that is hidden in some events, that is hidden in the lives and in the events of some persons, and humor that is below the surface in the activities of some animals. For instance, humor may not be seen the first time one looks at an animal. God surely has a ‘sense of humor’, for just look at the ‘ridiculously’ funny faces of some of God’s animal creation.

If you don’t, at first, see the ‘funny features’ of some animals, just try looking again, and looking more carefully. When you observe some animals at your city zoo, you might find yourself laughing, or at least smiling!

When I look at the face of an ‘ape’, I inwardly start laughing. When an ape looks straight at me, I don’t really believe that he is one of my evolutionary ancestors, but I must admit that some apes almost have a ‘human face’! I laugh inside myself, and sometimes I shake my head!

How could God come up with so many designs in His creation of animals? I am awestruck when I observe the design of some animals, and I inwardly laugh when I look at the faces of some animal creatures! God must have had a ‘great time’ (lots of ‘fun’) when He decided to create this amazing world! Some animals are downright ‘silly’ or ‘ugly’ or ‘funny-looking’ (at least to me).

Frankly, without my ‘making fun’ of any other human being, I occasionally meet someone (or observe someone) who is rather ‘different’ in appearance. For instance, I observe someone (an eccentric older man who has grown a very long beard, combined with his rather long, white hair), and I chuckle inside of me. I think of his unique facial features, combined with his very large abdomen (stomach), and I picture this eccentric older man as the ‘perfect’ Santa Clause!

I love to observe persons around me, and I note their unique shape and size and facial features! I am careful never to ridicule the persons around me, but I can’t help but smile or chuckle or (away from their presence) to laugh out loud.

As stated previously, there is the ‘explicit humor’ (laughter), and there is also the ‘implicit humor’. If you spontaneously ‘laugh’ when you listen to the ‘I Love Lucy’ show, this laughter is different than the laughter that you experience only after you have looked several times at an animal at a zoo, which, at first, did not appear as particularly ‘funny’.

During the second or third time that you more carefully examine (observe) a certain animal, all of a sudden you burst out with a laughter. This is ‘implicit laughter’. That is to say, the element of humor was all the time present, but you, as the observer, did not immediately see anything ‘funny’ the first time you made observation.

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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