Experiencing more than your eye beholds!

Let My Laughter Resound!


In some events (like my experiences in junior high math class and like my experience in my algebra class), there is more than the ‘eye beholds’. My eye initially, did not have ‘fun’ seeing the blocks thrown at me, and my ear did not have ‘fun’ hearing the algebra teacher verbally ‘blasting’ me.

As I have grown older (and as I have gained a better perspective on life in general), I have come to realize that there is more than one ‘angle’ by which I can look at life (and the events of life, even those events that, initially, brought me embarrassment or anger).

Without sacrificing a profound reverence for God and a profound respect for my fellow men, I have learned (gradually) to look at life with, not only the ‘angle’ of ‘seriousness’, but also with the ‘angle’ of good-will and good humor and good laughter!

When I have recounted this long-ago (embarrassing) event (piano recital), there have been those (friends and family) who have had to ‘burst out in laughter’. These friends and relatives have found it incredible that I could not get beyond ‘O say can you see’. I told them that, for the life of me, I could not get beyond that ‘mental wall’ – I could not get beyond the word ‘see’. ‘See’, ‘see’, ‘see’, ‘see’, ‘see’!

Even when I looked at the music book, my fingers could not advance beyond a few words – could not get beyond ‘see’. And I had an entire ‘complex’ musical piece to play, on that night, amidst some rather dignified persons (including my junior high principal)! Apparently, my mind was stuck on those few words.

I played those first few words beautifully, but the audience was robbed of all my other ‘good playing’. Ha! They never witnessed my expertise in playing all the other parts of that wonderful ‘patriotic medley’! My loss was their loss too! Ha!

Sometimes our own personal failures (not playing the musical piece) becomes the occasion for other persons to identify with our failures. This experience taught me about the danger of over-confidence. I should have been practicing during the time that I was enjoying summer camp.

This failure (as embarrassing as it was) was God’s opportunity to deepen the spirit of humility in my life. When I failed so miserably that night, I was, of course, greatly humiliated! I wanted to see the face of no person, at the conclusion of the recital.

I learned, also, that my teacher (as young as she was) was a gracious person, in terms of what she said about some students performing better during practice than during recitals. She was (like me) only 16 or 17 years old, but she was so mature in her attitudes. She probably was saying these words, partly to ‘cover for herself’, but she definitely was trying to lessen my own feelings of embarrassment. No wonder so many adults admired this young lady.

I was not surprised, but my mother’s attitude, following the recital when she returned to our home, just confirmed to me that God, indeed, had given me a most choice mother (a mother who always encouraged her children, especially during times of difficulty and embarrassment).

In coming years, there still may be a few persons (like my grandchildren) who laugh and laugh about this ‘blunder’ in my life-persons who may (at my ‘expense’) get a laugh or two from this night of ‘major blunders’! “Oh say can you see”- ‘see’, ‘see’, ‘see’, ‘see’?

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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