Where does ‘wholesome laughter’ originate?

Let My Laughter Resound!


Every truth that has been, thus far, expounded (above), provides the ‘background’ and the ‘context’ for this present book on the subject of ‘laughter’. Joy, of course, is far greater than ‘laughter’, but it is also true to say that the ‘indwelling joy of the Lord’ is the ‘inward fountain’ from which ‘wholesome’ and healthy ‘laughter’ derives!

Wholesome laughter always comes from the ‘overflowing fountain of Joy’. The ‘joy of the Lord’ has many ‘streams’ in the life of the believer, and one of the many ‘streams’ is hearty ‘laughter’.

When a believer is properly ‘connected’ with God’s universe (with God’s Nature), then he is ‘constitutionally happy’ – and sometimes such a happy person can’t help but see ‘the funny side’ of life. He sometimes has to hold his head back and simply ‘laugh and laugh’. If Jesus laughed, then it is no ‘sin’ for His children to ‘laugh’!

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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