Do you think that Jesus often laughed?

Let My Laughter Resound!


I have a long-time friend who gave me a most interesting (unique) portrait of Jesus. In the picture, Jesus has His head bent backwards, and Jesus has His mouth wide open, in a posture of hilarious laughter! I have never seen a picture of the Son of God, in which He is portrayed as the One who is ‘laughing at life’!

Some persons (overly-religious folks) would think that this portrayal of Jesus as the ‘laughing Son of God’ was far too casual, perhaps even irreverent, but I do not think the portrait manifests any irreverence. Maybe ‘casual’, but not ‘irreverent’!

Jesus was, at times, very casual and very down-to-earth, and yet, He was also very serious about life and about people and, especially, about His own Heavenly Father. Jesus knew, more than any other person, the extremes of life’s experiences and of life’s emotions.

Jesus knew how to laugh, and, on the other hand, Jesus knew how to groan deeply in His ‘spirit’ as He beheld the sorrow of Mary and Martha who were heart-broken because of the death of their brother Lazarus!

The undertone of Jesus’ entire life was ‘joy’ (for Jesus knew He was fulfilling the will of His Heavenly Father, and He knew He was fulfilling the purpose for which He came to earth), but with that sense of joyous well-being (because He was ‘in step with His Father’s purpose’), Jesus, when it was appropriate, manifested great sorrow because of the grief of human beings. The Bible records that, at times, ‘Jesus wept’!

From the example of Jesus, we (believers) must never laugh when we should be crying, and we should not always be crying, for sometimes it is appropriate (and health-giving) to ‘laugh and to laugh’! Jesus, at times, laughed, and at other times, He wept! The follower of Jesus experiences both, at the proper times! Laughing and crying – both and wholeheartedly!

Most portraits of Jesus (as great as they are) usually convey the emotion of soberness and even of sorrow, Certainly, Jesus was sober about the serious (moral) issues of life, and certainly (as mentioned above) Jesus did experience great sorrow and grief (climaxed by the unspeakably great grief and sorrow that He experienced on the ‘old rugged cross’).

But, while not denying or minimizing the ‘side of sorrow’ in Jesus’ life, we should also not minimize the ‘side of joy and laughter’ in Jesus’ life! It is true that Jesus was a ‘man of sorrows’, who was acquainted with grief, but it is equally true that Jesus was a ‘man who was in love with life and with nature and with God’s purposes’!

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

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