Did Jesus laugh with ‘laughing children’?

Let My Laughter Resound!


Apparently Jesus loved to play with little children, and some of them likely sat on his lap, He observed the play of little children so much that He used some of the antics (actions) of the children’s playing, to illustrate profound truths regarding the kingdom of God (in some of His parables)!

Jesus once said that if a person does not have the simplicity and humility and faith of a little child, that person cannot enter the kingdom of God. Jesus loved children very much, and He liked the way children expressed their simple faith and their unquestioning trust in others. Jesus believed that important lessons – lessons with eternal significance – could be learned, by a careful observation of little children (during their play times).

Do you think that Jesus could spend time with children, talking to them and perhaps even playing with them, and allowing them to sit on his lap, without, at times, laughing with them? I personally think that the portrait of Jesus (with His head bent back and with his mouth wide open in a ‘hearty laughter’), I say, I think that this portrait accurately conveys the kind of person that Jesus was, while He ministered here on earth.

Of course, a portrait of Jesus with tears streaming down his cheeks (while he weeps over Jerusalem) is an equally accurate picture of Jesus. Jesus, like all disciples of Jesus, both wept and laughed. But, why is the portrait of Jesus (which I cherish in my office) so rare?

I suppose, because of the seriousness of Jesus’ life, and because of the gravity of the mission that Jesus had here on earth, it is difficult for us (conscientious believers) to entertain the ‘thought’ (belief) that Jesus, at times, was the ‘laughing Son of God’!

Can God (in the person of Jesus) actually laugh a lot at a wedding party? Can God (in the person of Jesus) actually take time (out of His busy schedule) to laugh and to laugh with a group of little laughing children who are gathered around Him?

Can God (in the person of Jesus) actually and intentionally use ‘humor’ in the messages that He preached along the shore of the Sea of Galilee? (“You strain at gnats, while you swallow camels!” – how could any listener of Jesus keep a ‘straight face’ when he heard that statement, for the first time?).

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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