Living the life of transparency!

Let My Laughter Resound!


The disciple of Christ (free from the bondage of ‘self-centeredness’ and ‘self-preoccupation’), has nothing to hide, and, because of his life of transparency, he is not afraid to ‘give himself away’ to others. Living a transparent life means that the disciple of Christ is not afraid to be vulnerable. He knows that he is far from ‘perfect’, but he also knows that he is daily making ‘progress’ in living more and more like his dear Lord.

He is not afraid to confess his faults to his close friends, and he desires to be accountable to them, for he wants to become a more fruitful servant of his Lord, And ‘open relationship’ with others (especially with his close friends) means that, amidst his ‘serious talks’ with friends, he is free to laugh at himself (with his blunders).

He is not (in pride) wearing a facade, Of course, appropriately, he maintains the dignity of his private life, but, nevertheless, he is very ‘open’ regarding the ‘revelation’ of his life. “Confess your faults (sins) one to another, that you may he healed!” (James 5). He acknowledges (in the presence of his peers) that he is only a ‘Christian in the making’!

He laughs at his own ‘faults and blunders and weaknesses and oddities’, and he is not overly-sensitive or defensive or offended when others (friends and family) find it easy to laugh at some of his ‘words and actions’.

My wife’s grandmother (saintly soul that she was), many years ago told someone (regarding me and my two brothers-in-law) – all three of her grandchildren, by marriage – that she loved all three of us, but she said “They are all a little odd!” When I heard about her statement (her evaluation of the three men who married her three granddaughters), I had to ‘laugh’ inside! Of course, a surrendered believer must think about himself (for obvious reasons), but he finds himself being ‘lost in wonderment and love’ as he gradually learns to ‘think Christ’s thoughts after Him’.

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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