Living a life of self-forgetfulness!

Let My Laughter Resound!


As he (Christ’s disciple) is ‘lost’ in Christ’s projects (which always, in one way or another, involves being lost in caring for others), he finds that he is increasingly delivered from the ‘bondage of self-centeredness’ and the ‘bondage of self-preoccupation’.

To the extent that he is delivered from his self-preoccapation, to that same extent does he experience ‘true freedom’, ‘true lightness of heart’, ‘true enjoyment of other people whom he desires to serve’. When he ‘gazes’ at the person and the mission of Christ, he has little time to think about himself and his own selfish interest. And, when he is ‘lost’ in praise and love for Christ, he finds himself wanting to do the same things that His Master does!

Just as Christ came to earth, to ‘seek and to save the lost’, so, as a disciple, he wants, likewise, to be involved in Christ’s projects of ‘reaching out in love’ to the lost and the dying! He wants, like his Master, to be meek and lowly, and to lift the burdens of others, By kind words, by charitable deeds, by fervent prayers, by availability to the lonely and the grieving ones, by generously giving money to the poor persons!

The more involvement he (as Christ’s disciple) has in the ‘world of needy persons’, the less time he has to be ingrown and self-pitying and self-centered in pursuing his own petty projects. As a disciple of Christ, he wants to be out in the ‘harvest fields’, where he can have the joy of ‘harvesting souls’ for the Kingdom of God, The person of reverence (a Christ-centered person) sees all of God’s creation as ‘brimming with joy’.

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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