Have you learned to ‘Laugh at Yourself’?

Let My Laughter Resound!


The Christian, who experiences an inner wellspring of joy, is the same person who finds it easy to laugh – to laugh not ‘at’ persons, but to laugh ‘with’ persons! Most of all, a joy – indwelt person finds it easy to ‘laugh at himself! As a result of his growing relationship with Christ, the sensitive believer is learning two realities: One, he is learning that it is vitally important that he take God and God’s Word (commandments) very seriously.

He never is light-hearted or flippant regarding his relationship of obedience (discipleship) with God. But, interestingly enough, as he ‘fixes his attention’ more and more upon the lovely Christ (His nature and His Word and His mission), he, consequently, discovers that he is thinking less and less about himself. He ‘gazes’ at Christ, and, consequences (as the disciple of Christ), he increasingly only ‘glances’ at himself.

The second lesson, then, that he learns is this: Because he takes God very seriously, he (a disciple of Christ) learns to take himself less seriously – In other words, he is able to laugh at himself, and he is not sensitive to other persons, if others (his friends) choose to laugh because of something that they see (about him) as ‘funny’ (even though he may not think something that he does as particularly ‘funny’).

He has his focus on God, and he is learning to ‘die’ to his overlysensitive inner nature, therefore, with his mind off himself, he is able to be light-hearted and good-natured. He can laugh at himself, and he is glad to allow others to get a good laugh (even if, at times, the laugh is at his ‘own expense’).

He does not take himself too seriously (and he light-heartedly accepts his own unique oddities). He has learned to ‘laugh at himself’! He does not ‘wear his own feelings on his coat shelve’, but, instead, he is ‘good-natured’ while others (innocently) laugh because of some of his ‘unique’ words and his ‘unique’ actions!

For instance! If I can ‘laugh’ because of my ‘very bald head’, I should have no problem, if, for some reason, my friends have ‘fun’ teasing me (in good jest) regarding my ‘very bald head’, I should, as a joy-filled believer, be so ‘at ease’ with myself (my identity in Christ) that I am not offended if others wish to ‘tease’ me because of some unique feature that I have.

I should, in fact, laugh with my friends, even if the (innocent) laughter of my friends is at my ‘own expense’! It is the somber, self-centered person (lacking the ‘joy of the Lord’) who is ‘overly sensitive’, ‘defensive’, and ‘ill-at-ease’ – and it is this type of person who finds it impossible to ‘laugh at himself’. And certainly such a person would not be able to let others laugh at anything (words or actions) that would possibly ‘infringe’ on his own ‘person’ (even if his friends are totally innocent in their laughter, and had no intention to ‘hurt’ him).

Such a person (with a low self-esteem) cannot take a ‘joke’, and such a person certainly is not ‘constitutionally happy’ (that is, he does not have an accurate ‘picture’ of himself, in light of the true revelation of the nature of God; such a morbid person is ingrown, and he has no release from guilt and condemnation, and he is not delivered from the ‘bondage of self-centeredness’).

“Biblical Foundation For The Sanctity Of Human Life!”

Table of contents: Let my laughter resound!


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