Introduction Conquering the Enemies Within

Introduction to Conquering The Enemies Within

Conquering The Enemies Within


Ronald Christian

A Topical Devotional Study On The Abundant Christian Life


Gerald Lee Christian

My biological brother 
who, for many years, has been 
an example of a gentle and 
godly man, and one who has 
personally helped me to 
'conquer my enemies within'.


'Conquering the Enemies Within' – this title describes both the reality of man's enemies and the possibility of man conquering those enemies. Jesus came in order that man might have life and might have it more abundantly. He came to earth, not to subtract but to add, not to destroy but to save, not to condemn but to forgive! The last word of Christianity is not denunciation but affirmation, not sacrifice but salvation, not sorrow over sins but joy over redemption. It was not the purpose of Christ to come to earth to save mankind in part but to save mankind to the 'uttermost'. Where sin abounds, grace super abounds! The saving power of Christ applies not only to the forgiveness of outward and obvious sins, but it equally applies to the deliverance from inner perverted attitudes and from hurtful emotions.

But, alas, how many professing Christians live truly abundant lives? Even though many rightfully claim assurance of sins forgiven, many of these same persons struggle with unresolved guilts, terrifying fears, nagging inferiority complexes, debilitating jealousies, hurtful negativism and criticisms, consuming greed, destructive doubts, devastating anger, resentments and bitterness, and un-Christlike self- centeredness, as well as several other 'enemies' of the soul'.

Is there any solution to these problems, any power that can be appropriated to conquer these enemies within? Thanks be unto God, there is! 'Christ is the answer' – this is not only an overworked phrase, but it expresses a workable reality! But, while it cannot be denied that Christ is the answer to man's problems, it should not be supposed that the above-mentioned 'enemies' are always easily or quickly conquered! Learning to conquer powerful spiritual enemies involves a process in which one's mind must be open to God-given understanding, one's heart must be open to new truth, one's spirit must be receptive to God-wrought change.

The power of God to conquer man's enemies is limitless, but that divine power becomes effective in the struggling person's life only to the extent that there is an obedient response to revealed truth!

It is the purpose of this short devotional book to impart understanding to the mind, to offer encouragement to the heart, and to give guidance to the soul – all for the ultimate purpose of helping sincere people to 'conquer the enemies within'.

A few comments regarding the content and format of this short book are in order. There are thirteen short chapters, with each chapter discussing one of the several 'enemies' with which most believers struggle, at one time or another, in their lives. After discussing the nature of the 'enemy', practical steps to overcome the particular 'enemy' are offered. This book is designed to be used as a daily devotional guidebook, with attention given to one chapter each week for thirteen weeks. There are about five to ten 'devotionals' provided for each of the thirteen 'enemies', one at a time for each of the thirteen weeks. Each page includes, along with the practically- oriented devotional reading, an appropriate Scriptural reference to read, a written Prayer for the Day, and a written Affirmation for the Day. The individual chapters contain enough content, and yet are short enough in length, that they could well serve as material for small study groups within a local church. Sunday School classes or

'Christian Growth Groups' which choose to use this material as the basis for dialogue, will find a set of thought-provoking questions at the end of each of the thirteen chapters. These questions will help a group to understand and to apply the concepts which are related within each of the chapters.

As author of this book, I have sought to share those truths that have helped me (and that are continuing to help me) to overcome my personal 'enemies within'. As a 'fellow struggler' on the spiritual pilgrimage of life, I feel compelled to share those insights which I am learning to apply in my personal spiritual battle against the 'enemies within'. It is my prayer that many people may profit from the application of these life-transforming Biblical principles. May you, the reader, experience the sweet joy of conquering your enemies – the 'enemies within'!

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Ronald G. Christian

Fort Collins, Colorado

March 1985


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